Thursday, March 13, 2008

Levi's One!!!

Today Levi turned "one". I can't believe it. The year has truly flown by. All day today I kept thinking about last year.

It was by far my BEST delivery ever (as far as deliveries go). Woke up around 6a.m. feeling like this might be it. Told John to go ahead and go to work and I'd let him know if the contractions kept going. Pretty much did a normal school day. Around 10:00, I called a friend while I was hanging laundry and gave her my symptoms and she confirmed that yes I probably was in labor. It really wasn't too intense and I really didn't want to "hang out" at the hospital. So, I finished Isaac's school for the day and called John around 11:30 and said it may be a good idea to come home at lunch. By the time he got home at 12:30 I was starting to get uncomfortable so we all had a quick lunch and headed down to Fresno (an hour away). We got to our dear friends the Wests (who were going to keep the kids) around 2:00 and decided not to delay and head to the hospital. I still kept thinking that my body would suddenly stop doing things since that had always been the pattern. I was sooo worried that all the work I'd been doing would amount to nothing once I got to the hospital and they measured me. I was checked and was quickly admitted (much to my surprise and joy). I decided to get an epidural because things were getting very tough and I still thought I would just stay in limbo (who says you forget your previous deliveries?). I began to fill paperwork out and then the dr. came in and said there wouldn't be time for that. This guy obviously wasn't familiar with my track record (he wasn't my dr.). But after he broke my water and got things ready I began to agree with him. It went incredibly fast!!! 3 pushes and we had our little guy at 4:03p.m. I can't tell you what a rush that was ( painful? OH YEAH!) but nothing like the others. It was actually kind of empowering.

Now I have this awesome little addition to our home that has made me feel like I am a great Mommy. He is sweet, big, loveable and completes us. He continues to live up to his name and we are all enamored by him.



Heather said...

Happy Birthday Levi! We can't believe he's one! What a cutie. Definitely looks like a Rumohr- those beautiful brown eyes.. We have to get these kiddos together. We miss you guys and hope to be able to see you soon.

Jen said...

Yeah Levi - Happy Birthday little guy and may you have a blessed year!

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