Tuesday, June 24, 2008



Miriam accepted Jesus into her heart last night before bed!!! I have been praying for this since she was born (as I've done with each of our children ). It was such a sweet prayer. She asked Him to come into her heart and live and to help her be a good girl and she loved Him. Afterwards, I told her how exciting that was and how the angels in heaven were having a big party celebrating her new birth. She thought that was quite funny and couldn't stop giggling everytime she said the angels were having a party. To the best of my ability this day (June 23, 2008) will always be remembered and celebrated.
Have a party with the angels today!!!!

Happy Father's Day!!!

John is the most amazing dad. He is sooo hands-on with the kids and really is intentional about his time with them. He never misses a teachable moment and he rarely gets riled ( I do enough of that for the both of us :) ). For Father's Day all he wanted was to go camping with all of us. Like I said, he just can't seem to get enough of us. We all had a horrible flu the week before but everyone was pretty well over it except Levi and I. He took the 3 older kids and went up to a great spot just 20min. up the road (one of the perks of living near national forest). They camped Fri. night and then Levi and I joined them for dinner and camping Sat. night. I think he really enjoyed his time not to mention the awesome books we got him to enjoy for his summer vacation.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Birthday Boy!!

My sweet "big boy" turned 8 last Wed.
We both had the flu : ( !!!!!! He handled it pretty well. We both layed around all day and when Daddy got home he opened his gifts had a little of his birthday dinner and cake. We didn't get to have a big birthday day but he handled it in stride. He was soo grateful for his gifts and it meant so much to us that he is learning to have a heart of thankfulness in all circumstances (well beyond his mother in that realm).

Isaac is such a great boy. It just hit me a couple of months ago that we are very close to the "1/2 way mark" with him and my heart wanted to stop. I'm not ready for that!!! I don't feel I've done a good job at showing him Jesus. He often times does a better job of that than me.

I also realized that he will remember these days and how I am with him. I sooo don't want him to remember a grouchy, frustrated mom that never smiled, always barked orders and generally seemed unhappy about life. He has such a loving heart and usually tries to make things better when I'm on a rampage. It should be the other way around. Oh dear Lord, may I do a better job of reflecting you and living in the Spirit for his next 10 (at least) than I've done at his first 8. May my children remember you from their childhood and not my mistakes. They deserve it and so do you.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Sunday Evening Stroll

This evening we went on a little walk to try to find this creek where John and I had gone when we were first married. It's very close to our house and it's on a neighbor friend's property. Here are a couple picts that were fun and elude to the beauty.

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