Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No Pictures for Awhile. :(

Our camera is really malfunctioning!!!
I tried to take some pictures of the kids on Crazy Hair Day at AWANA and it looks like a watercolor picture with all the paints running down. I am sooooo upset. The camera is only 4 years old (this August) and we paid a pretty penny for it. It is a Cannon Power Shot. I don't know if we should try to get it looked at or if we should bag it and buy another (cheaper) one.
Anyway, we have had some eventful times the last couple of weeks.
-John had to go on an 8th gr. fieldtrip ( no, he teaches 4th grade but they needed a male chaperone). So, I had my first experience with being a single mom for 4 days with 4 kids. Only by the grace of God and tons of prayer support did we all survive and (I will even say) I had victory.
-This weekend my dear friend who now lives in Seattle,WA came for a visit. Words can not express how nice it was to have time with someone that is so kindred and consistent.
-I had an opportunity to hear a dear mentor speak a few times at a women's retreat. It was like coming home.
-Now I'm praying that Abby's bout with throwing up and diarrhea in the last 12 hours will be over soon because we still have a lot going on this week.
Isaac is going to be saying a speech about Robert E. Lee for his end-of -the- year class project tomorrow night. They have been having a thematic study of the Civil War all year. I really want to have us all be able to go and support him.\
We have started a small group with our church and we are supposed to be meeting tonight for the 2nd time. I had to see if one of the other members could have it at their house and John and I will have to tag team it tonight.
We usually do our "big" shopping 1x/mos and we were planning to do that Friday and hopefully see my sister-in-law.
We shall see. God bless and thanks for checking in on us.

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