Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday John!!!!!!

Yesterday was John's birthday. He had to work, which was a bummer. We usually get him home because of a holiday break but not this year. That didn't matter to the kids, we all tried to do our best to make it special when he got home.
Mimi made him a "Happy Birthday" banner and card and Abby made him a card and pop-up gift. Isaac was sick but still helped record a message for his recordable birthday card they picked out at the store.
He requested hamburgers for his dinner so we fixed that and some other fun things to eat and put them on the Birthday plate that everyone gets to eat off of on their birthdays. He opened his gift and then we made his favorite dessert, brownies with ice cream and hot chocolate pudding on top while he talked to his sister Adele on the phone.
He must of had a pretty good birthday experience because he left this on the mirror this morning, which really made the kids happy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Do you ever long to connect with another, to be "seen" by someone on a deep level?
I've felt disconnected especially since homeschooling.
I'm so consumed with the education of my children and the running of my home that I don't connect with others. I've tried to pseudo-connect through email, doing this blog, and facebook.
Hey, it seems to be working for others!
It's not my style though. I love to be one- on- one and share deeply. I love to mentor and be mentored. I love to be held accountable. I love to be loved and I love to love.
These other avenues have been so shallow and (in many cases) one-sided.
It's not all my fault, many of my dear friends are in the same boat. We are too "consumed" to connect or be connected.
Yet the longing is still there.
I was really wrestling with this yesterday.
Several years back after Miriam was born, I had begun to disconnect from John. I don't really know why. I began to pray that God would give me a desire/passion for John. Well, God completely and totally answered that prayer and now I can't hardly stand to be away from him.
I decided to pray that same prayer for God and I.
What has apparently come from that prayer is a full realization of how alone I feel. A friend posted a verse today, Matt. 11:28. What struck me was the first 3 words, "Come to me..." Jesus called us to him, he said to come and he would give me rest. I don't feel the need for "rest" but I do feel the need to "come". He is calling to me and He will supply and fill me.
I want to be special to someone, He says, "Come."
I want to be connected with someone, He says, "Come."
I want to be worthy of love and time spent, He says, "Come."
I'm coming Lord Jesus!

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