Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Need I say more? I'm even typing in a "fluish" color.
The last two weeks have had everyone of the Rumohr family sick. Everyone includes ME!! Why?! Why does the Mommy get sick? We're the ones that take care of everyone else, we're the ones that cook, clean, nurse, launder, shop, schedule, do the bills, make and return phone calls and emails, and (if you homeschool), school. We can't call for a substitute or even just call in sick and know that what you left would be that way when you returned.
Well, I'll tell you, if evolution was a fact, Mommies would NOT get sick. We would've evolved into germ-proof beings or maybe the ultimate bacteria-fighter where we would not only fight off bacteria efficiently and thoroughly in our own bodies but those of our family as well.
I've also always felt that if evolution were true, we would sprout an extra arm for every baby we have after the 2nd one. But that's a discussion for another time.


Jen said...

You crack me up. Bummed to hear that you all got bit by the flu bug. I know that is no fun. Hope everyone is on the mend - especially mommy! Love you guys.

Heather said...

Hope everyone is feeling better. Mommy should not get sick. That is for sure. We hope that you all have a great weekend at the wedding. I think you will see my parents. We love your family!

Denise said...

your funny!
where would one by extra arm clothing?
glad to see you back..i thought you had fallen off the blogging earth.

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