Wednesday, September 17, 2008

School Days are here again!!!

My tradition for our homeschool is to begin school (officially) the day after Labor Day and end Memorial Day.
I "borrowed" the idea of making our "1st"day of school memorable from a fellow homeschooler and friend at Keeping up with the Joneses.
We have a special breakfast (alphabet pancakes; I had to forgo in lieu of my arm so we had gel icinged letters on pancakes Daddy made the day before). I usually make a back-to-school banner and have some new school supplies "wrapped" up. We also take school pictures (individual and class : D ). I think the kids enjoy it and although it means the end of lazy summer days, they look forward to it.


So, another "big event" that happened in August was my birthday.
It was bad enough that I thought my injury was partially due to the fact I was turning ..... but ev
eryone made me feel very special. My aunt threw a pool party at her house on Sat., John made me this AWESOME 8' x 3.5' kitchen table (which I covered w/heavy duty plastic) that was graced with a beautiful flower arrangement my Aunt Barbara wired to me from VA, the kids all lavished me with drawings and love, and a friend took me out to lunch and gifted me with a pedicure.

Monday, September 8, 2008

August Daze!!

Here's a picture journal of our crazy end of July and August.

2 Days before I broke my arm we sent this precious soldier off to Africa (Nairobe, Kenya). Amy is very dear to our family and she has embarked on a most incredible journey. She will be teaching kids at a school for at least this year and possibly a second. We miss her all ready.

My nieces Shaylee and Tenaya came to help me out the week after my surgery. We got a lot of special attention and people visiting and bringing food that I think my children secretly hope I will injure myself again soon.

Not to let a broken arm stop all the summer fun, we went camping for a few days up the road. I figured as long as I'm not sleeping anyway, I might as well not be sleeping at home. John was very gracious and I was able to come home and be alone a couple of times. It really was pretty relaxing and Levi took such great naps that we all were able to have some real down time.

To Be Continued.....

Back from Land w/One Hand!!!

Okay, It's about time I updated my Blog. I have to take the girls to gymnastics and then I will try to gather the picts and write a little to update since The Surgery. Needless to say it has been quite interesting and I'm sooo very thankful for all my appendages. Here is a picture of me the day after surgery. I pretty much looked like this for the next 6wks. (maybe a little less drugged).

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