Monday, September 26, 2011

Taking a break for awhile

I have been so frustrated with our computer.  I don't know if it is our connection, the computer, or what but every time I try to download it takes forever!!!  One of the reasons I began this blog in the first place was to keep long distance family and friends up-to-date on what we were doing and pictures of the kids as they grow.  I'm not one of those bloggers who feels the need to journal or work on my literary skills on here.  Because I don't have the time to wait for the down/uploading of pictures and videos, I've decided to sign off for now until something changes.  If and when that does happen, I'll send out an email letting y'all know we're back on track.. 
Until then, all is a gift,


Monday, August 22, 2011

Been awhile!

Hi Faithful Few.  I know it's been awhile since I've posted.  Summer hits and all goes helter-skelter here.  If I can be patient enough for these darn downloads to happen, I'll be catchin' y'all up on the fun we've had this summer.
Stay tuned!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Freedom Facts for Friday!

“…there is nothing you can want, there is nothing you can ask for,
there is nothing you can need in time or in eternity,
there is nothing living, nothing dying,
there is nothing in this world, nothing in the next world,
there is nothing now, nothing at the resurrection-morning,
nothing in heaven
which is not contained in this text
I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday -Last Week in Pictures

Abby's last choir performance        
checking out our camping spot there's still a lot of snow!                                   

Making cookies

A lifetime friend and his family visit  
Enjoying a meal with old and new friends

Monday, June 6, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

When my oldest daughter was about 3 she noticed a daddy-long-leg spider on our sidewalk.  She yelled for her daddy and said, 
"Daddy, look there's your long legs."

Multitudes on Monday! June 6, 11

360. peace retreats for oldest
361. self-parenting
362. being teachable
363. back-flips landed
364. sweet gymnastics teachers
365. great recital
366. little ones trying their best
367. working with friends
368.children helpers and blessings
370. Abs thinking of baby brother
373. beautiful weather
375. horrible weather
377. working in hail
378. exhaustion
379. warm fire
380. cozy bed
381. cuddling with Mim's
382. I's silly kisses
383. stranger seeing Jesus in me

Friday, June 3, 2011

Freedom Facts for Friday!

Do not let your hearts be troubled.  
Trust in God;  
trust also in me.
John 14:1                                                       

Friday, May 27, 2011

Freedom Facts for Friday!

"Effective spiritual, emotional, and social training in the lives of our children [has] to be both intentional and planned."
                           Susan Clarkson from her book The Ministry of Motherhood

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring 2011 Piano and Gymnastics Recitals

Abby nailed her back flip.  She was the only one other than teenagers that could do a back flip.  Mimi is the first one out of the tunnel and the smallest one in the group.
I'm very proud of how everyone ended the year!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday May 6-24

I have A LOT of catching up to do with end-of-the-year field trips, recitals, etc.
Patiently waiting for their piano recital performance
Levi and "best fwend" that he's only met one other time 

Mimi and Abby's finale at their gymnastics recital

A very Happy Mother's Day 
A fun field trip to the zoo                               

Abby's choir performance    

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

When my oldest was 5 this is what he told a firefighter who was telling the homeschool group about the importance of fire alarms, 
"I know our batteries work in the fire alarm at home 
because every time my mommy cooks
it goes off."
Everyone got a tremendous kick out of his very solemn and serious response.

A little disclaimer here, when the oven was on, it would smoke because of things burning in the bottom from overflowed dishes NOT because I was burning things. ; )

Multitudes on Monday! May 17-22

328. fellowship and feasting
329. new, cheery plants
330. anticipation of a date
331. a thoughtful sister-in-law
332. love-words to nieces through children's books
333.  glad for my marriage
334. happy to still be in love
335. family fellowship childcare
336. the greens in the new hostas
337. nothing stolen from left-behind purse
338. colors of spring
339. colors in pre-dawn light
346. Amy reading to the kids
350. creek's cascading cacophony
352. Royal Wedding church fun
354. kiss on the cheek from dear old one
358. last week of school

Friday, May 20, 2011

Freedom Facts for Friday!

"The man who has God for his treasure has all things in One." 
Can't remember where I saw this quote.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday


Daddy pointed out the In-N-Out Burger palm trees that cross.
Levi's response,"Aw, they're lovin' each other Daddy."
He hugged himself as he said it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Multitudes on Monday!

309. Blessed Truths spoken to my soul through my uncle
310. Seeing ugly and being repentant
311. Look of Daddy-love from my brother to his first newborn girl
312. Newborn nursing
313. Full, dark head of hair
314. Easing into the day
315. Sustenance for a day absent of sleep the night before
318&19. A drive to get away and then having a home to come back to
321. Love-made gifts
322. Planting time
323. Pizza out
324. Rest and "time-off"
326. New plants to plant

Monday, May 2, 2011

Multitudes on Monday!

281. rainbow colors on counter
282. walk/talk with a friend
283. A's tenderness to littles
285. better computer time management = more time
287. lunch outside
289. children singing to christian radio in the morn
295. quicker wait
296. grocery-unloading elves
297. I learning hard how to cook
298.  grass cuttin', bird singin', sun sparklin', plant gardenin', morning
300. fresh insights in the Word
301. I's attentiveness and comprehension of Biblical Truths
302. a whole day outside
303. fun cousin time
304. Forks' burgers
305. plants given, livin' and plantin'
306. Strawberry Hill has begun
307. answered prayer- replacement chickens and a rooster gifted

All is a gift!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Freedom Facts for Friday!

"The fullness of joy is in the choice."
                                                                                                     Beth Moore
Justification defined simply is 
God's forgiving sinners, and
treating them as if they had 
never sinned.
                                                                                         Catechism for young children

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Passion Week in Pictures

Wordless Wednesday
Coloring Eggs
Seder Dinner

Sue reading Easter stories

Egg Hunting

Friday, April 22, 2011

Freedom Facts for Friday!

This is a beautiful song I heard on the radio.  It is by Sidewalk Prophets and the lyrics are so perfect for this Good Friday

You Love Me Anyway

The question was raised
As my conscience fell
A silly, little lie
It didn’t mean much
But it lingers still
In the corners of my mind

Still you call me to walk
On the edge of this world
To spread my dreams and fly
But the future’s so far
My heart is so frail
I think I’d rather stay inside

But You love me anyway
It’s like nothing in life that I’ve ever known
You love me anyway
Oh Lord, how You love me
How You love me

It took more than my strength
To simply be still
To seek but never find
All the reasons we change
The reasons I doubt
And why do loved ones have to die?

But You love me anyway
It’s like nothing in life that I’ve ever known
You love me anyway
Oh Lord, how You love me

I am the thorn in Your crown
But You love me anyway
I am the sweat from Your brow
But You love me anyway
I am the nail in Your wrist
But You love me anyway
I am Judas’ kiss

But You love me anyway
See now, I am the man that called out from the crowd
For Your blood to be spilled on this earth shaking ground
Yes then, I turned away with this smile on my face
With this sin in my heart tried to bury Your grace
And then alone in the night, I still called out for You
So ashamed of my life, my life, my life

But You love me anyway
Oh, God… how you love me

You love me anyway
It’s like nothing in life that I’ve ever known
You love me anyway
Oh Lord, how You love me

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cambria and Father/Daughter Ball

Wordless Wednesday
April 11-17/11

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Passion Week Activities">
To prepare our hearts further for the advent of Easter 
we will be doing  some extra activities.
Here's our list:
Sunday- We were out of town so missed an opportunity to do something.  We had a time of  visualizing
              Christ's triumphant arrival into Jerusalem and discussed what we would've done if we had been there.
Monday- We try to "bless" Him through "blessing" those around us.  We usually make a small inspirational craft
                to give to our friends, family, and neighbors.
Tuesday- We will make Hot Cross Buns.
Wednesday- We will walk The Stations of The Cross, an Episcopal church nearby has a beautiful trail with 
                     markers to "map out" each stage.
Thursday- We will host a Seder for my side of the family
Good Friday- We will have a foot washing ceremony and time of reflection and repentance.
Saturday- We will dye eggs and make a Christ candle.
Sunday- After church, we will go to my folks' home and share a meal, we will hide the Resurrection Eggs and 
             rejoice that HE HAS RISEN!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Multitudes on Monday!

213. Fun and time with friends 
 215. children playing tag
218. a runaway 13 y.o. back
221. In-N-Out
223. Everyone sharing
224. A beautiful beach day in Cambria
226. a teenager escaping waves
228. girls' dressed for a ball
229. handsome Daddy escort
230. Mommy +sons+teen time
232. generosity of strangers made family by marriage
235. just enough gas
239. Daddy calling back and saying,
"I see Christ in you".  
First time EVER hearing those words

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Freedom Facts for Friday!

" It is not what happens to us
that matters
as much as 
what happens in us."

"We do not always have the freedom to choose the roles we must play in life,
but we can choose how we are going to play the roles we have been given.
Choice is the key."
Gerald L. Sittser from
A Grace Disquised

Time4Learning 30 Day Trial

I've been invited to try Time4Learning for one month in exchange for a candid review. Time4Learning can be used for homeschool, afterschool and summer skill sharpening. Be sure to come back and read about my experience.

Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty: 1. parched 2. desirous of something
Is there anything you are thirsty for today?  
Something specific that ultimately would lead to a more spirit-filled you?

I am thirsty for time management advice
in regards to the good, bad, and sometimes ugly
time I spend on the computer.
I am so encouraged by many of the blogs and sites I read
yet i find myself spending wayyyy toooo much time on here.
If anyone has ideas or suggestions I would be so grateful 
(I'll even list you as one of my thousand gifts : D).

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Levi "measuring up" w/whale baby
Isaac and a penguin friend
Pictures taken b/t April 1-10, 2011
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Mimi LOVES turtles
Abby, Levi, and Mimi checkin' out flamingos
Our home school hosted a ballroom dance with lessons and all.

Mimi on her belated birthday tea w/Daddy.
 My uncle and aunt had a pre-Easter egg hunt and potluck
 because their granddaughter wouldn't be out for the official one.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lent activities

Titus 2 has long been a mantra in my heart.  I so wish the Body saw what an important mandate it is for us all to be mentored and to mentor.  When I happened on to this site and saw "Titus 2s Days" I was so excited at the possibility of hearing about and from other women who have this same desire.  So, I will be trying to add this activity to my list on Tuesdays.
During this season of Lent, I will humbly offer things that our family is doing to enrich and prepare our hearts for Easter.  I hope this will be helpful to others.
Every morning, during breakfast, we read through a couple of devotions.
The first one is called 
"How Many- A Book of Daily Lenten Devotions for Children and Their Families" by Arden W. Mead
There is a "How many" question and scripture reference that leads to a part of the redemptive story.
We have also been doing
Ann Voskamp's "Trail to the Tree" Easter Devotion .
You can download it from here .
Finally, we have been memorizing
"The Catechism for Young Children with Cartoons" by Vic Lockman
His website is
May God bless your Tuesday.
Make it a great day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Multitudes on Monday!

Turning the Ugly to Beautiful through perspective.
188. lessons in patience-stopping at every stoplight, road work, etc
189. seeing life and love instead of the mess
190. restlessness that forces a perspective change
191.siblings constant struggles forcing creative discipline
192. first time grace for dog's mess
202..disability embraced and accepted
204.  losing Saturday to gain service

Friday, April 8, 2011

Freedom Facts for Friday!

God doesn't love us because we are good,
God will make us good because he loves us.

 Our revelation of our cynicism [in and about the Church]
will be our revival
                                                                                                     Beth Moore

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Joy of God's Presence

A few thoughts from one of my Lenten Devotions by Henri Nouwen.
Verse: Is. 49:13
Joy and laughter 
are the gifts 
of living in the presence of God
that tomorrow is not worth worrying about.
Where there is much time 
life can be celebrated.
...the problem is
the absence of free, 
when God can be encountered in the present
life can be lifted up in its simple beauty and goodness.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blogiversary Give Away!

My friend over at is doing a giveaway to celebrate 4 yrs. of blogging.  She is a gifted writer and an encouragement to read.  Good luck!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Hunt!

 I've said this to a few people lately, "If I wasn't looking for it, I would've missed it".  That is how I feel about this pursuit of 1,000 thanks.  There are days when the "hunt" really isn't that difficult.  All I need do is open my eyes and they're all around me.
This last week my friend and I took the kids (all 4) to Monterey Bay Aquarium.  All you have to do is have eyes to see and the blessings abound.  I also was fortunate to attend a Beth Moore conference Friday night and Saturday morning.  Being with 6500 other women learning about and praising God can really get the thankful juices flowing. 
There are other days when I have to consciously direct my attention to the hunt.  This Sunday, I awoke to the flu.  Let me tell you, I'm not a very good sick person.  I tend to feel sorry for myself, angry at what is NOT getting done, frustrated at the lost time and expectations I had for the day, well you get the picture.  However, this time was slightly different.  Because of "the hunt", blessings were everywhere. 
Just a little insight into where my "list" originated this week.

153. a friend's distraction and then deferment of frustration at missed turn
 154. warm sun cool ocean breeze
156. life-size images that strike awe in child gazes
160. child-like frivolity of sea otters
162. a "misplaced" child, reminder of my not-from-the-sea treasure
165. silky sensation of ray swimming by
169. toddler at the end of himself, reminders that I'm not "home" yet
170. April Fool's joke leading to time savored not wasted
172. voices of 6500 women lifted up to Him
175. the awesome, incredible, heart-felt beauty of the Lord in this place
177-179. get- well love-notes, banners, bouquets, and son helping to bring order out of chaos
180. a wonderful man who "runs" things so I can stop

Monday, March 28, 2011


Power can be something we strive to possess or it is something that "fuels" our life (as in electricity).
This last week I had neither.
I rarely have the first kind of power anyway but I (as well as most of my fellow Americans) have become quite dependent on electricity.  This last week (from Sunday 3/20-Sunday 3/28) I experienced a life void of electricity. 
Let me tell you, it was tough!  
Add to that that we were displaced from our home because of the threat of falling trees as well as my third's 7th birthday and you can probably surmise the hectic, helter-skelter, scattered week we had.
A friend of mine asked how I felt being like Ma Ingalls; my response, " Ma Ingalls would never have had a freezer full of food to keep cool on top of all the other things."
All that to say, you'll understand where my "Multitudes on Mondays" list originated out of this past week.
125. wee hour evacuation
126. snow silent before cracking, splitting-wood sound of trees and branches falling all around
127.  house spared
129. snow entertainment
134. shared mommy woes
137. outage at the end of the month rather than the beginning after monthly shopping trip
140. birthday blessings at Best Western
141. dear friend braving the storm to bless birthday girl
142. restored power!!!!!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chapter 6 What do you want? The place of seeing God

Ann describes a time when she "ran after the moon" literally.  She reminds me to look at creation to see the creator.  Creation is NOT the Creator but it is a reflection of His beauty.  Do I take time to notice? 
I live in one of the most beautiful spots with National Forest at my backdoor.  I have lived in this area most of my life.  For the most part, I don't take it for granted. 
I love the peace and serenity that comes with mountain life.  
I love that we have four distinct seasons.  
I love that my children can go outside and see tons of stars and name it "A night of Abraham".
I love that on any given clear night we see God's watercolor painting in the sunset from our deck.
I love that our "noise" is crows cawing, 
doves cooing,
frogs croaking,
crickets chirping,
roosters crowing, and
dogs barking at the deer.

I have NEVER chased after the moon.  I can't relate.  I don't play well.  I don't do childlike.
Therefore, I had a difficult time getting "into" this chapter.
  The thing that I most related to was at the end, I just love her vulnerability to be real because I've written these very words in my heart.
" The world I live in is loud and blurring...
...these kids lean hard into me all day
to teach and raise and lead and 
I fail hard and 
there are real souls that are at stake and
how long do I really have to figure our how
to live full of grace,
full of joy--
before these beautiful children fly the coop 
and my mothering days fold up quiet?
How do you open the eyes 
to see how to take the daily, domestic workday vortex and 
invert it into the dome of an everyday cathedral?
is the only way to pray."

Monday, March 14, 2011


37. constant need for discipling
38. attitude adjustments
69. bagel with butter side down on clean floor
84. bad attitude at Bible time
93. dirtied floor from friendship's abundance
94. grouchy girl
95. uninvolved parents/grandparents
99. opportunities to choose forgiveness
100. opportunities to choose humility

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