Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Abby!!

Abby woke up to more presents under the Christmas tree. With her birthday only 3 days after Christmas, she is the only one who gets that priviledge. Daddy made her green pancakes (per request). Then she opened her presents. If we get the kids any "big" gifts we do it for their birthday rather than Christmas, we want them to make a clear distinction between their day and Jesus'.
She played for a couple hours than I took her out to tea for the first time. That is my favorite thing to do for my nieces' and friends' birthdays but we haven't had one in town for the last 2 years so none of my kids have been able to go with me. I was so excited to see this one open just two days earlier. Just in time for me to take her. She was so excited and so was I. We had a great time and may even get our picture in our local paper as they were there and took our picture and interviewed us.
After that, we had family over for cupcakes and play. It also had snowed the night before so it couldn't have been any more perfect of a day for Abby.
We ended the day with reading "Her Story" (I try to keep a journal of each of the kids from birth on and on their birthday I read what I've written). She loved it and kept asking, "Is that me your talking about Momma?" I love my full-of energy, smiling, songbird, dark-eyed beauty.


Denise said...

I see someone got the princess bag she requested.
Sierra Star will be smart to have the two cutest families in the mountain area in their paper in Dec.(we were in it last week).
Happy Birthday, and Merry Jumping!
Wow a trampoline, FUN (if you have bladder control)!!~

Jules said...

Happy b-day Abby sweetie!

Jen said...

What an exciting day for Abby. I can't wait to do tea with Erin. Those are great memories. Happy Birthday Abby from cousin Joe, Jen, Erin and Anna.

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