Monday, April 4, 2011

The Hunt!

 I've said this to a few people lately, "If I wasn't looking for it, I would've missed it".  That is how I feel about this pursuit of 1,000 thanks.  There are days when the "hunt" really isn't that difficult.  All I need do is open my eyes and they're all around me.
This last week my friend and I took the kids (all 4) to Monterey Bay Aquarium.  All you have to do is have eyes to see and the blessings abound.  I also was fortunate to attend a Beth Moore conference Friday night and Saturday morning.  Being with 6500 other women learning about and praising God can really get the thankful juices flowing. 
There are other days when I have to consciously direct my attention to the hunt.  This Sunday, I awoke to the flu.  Let me tell you, I'm not a very good sick person.  I tend to feel sorry for myself, angry at what is NOT getting done, frustrated at the lost time and expectations I had for the day, well you get the picture.  However, this time was slightly different.  Because of "the hunt", blessings were everywhere. 
Just a little insight into where my "list" originated this week.

153. a friend's distraction and then deferment of frustration at missed turn
 154. warm sun cool ocean breeze
156. life-size images that strike awe in child gazes
160. child-like frivolity of sea otters
162. a "misplaced" child, reminder of my not-from-the-sea treasure
165. silky sensation of ray swimming by
169. toddler at the end of himself, reminders that I'm not "home" yet
170. April Fool's joke leading to time savored not wasted
172. voices of 6500 women lifted up to Him
175. the awesome, incredible, heart-felt beauty of the Lord in this place
177-179. get- well love-notes, banners, bouquets, and son helping to bring order out of chaos
180. a wonderful man who "runs" things so I can stop

2 comments: said...

I so get 169!


Cindy in PA said...

How wonderful to worship with Beth Moore! Hope you're past the flu too. Blessings!

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