Friday, October 15, 2010

Prayer Request

I know I rarely post on here as is but if there are a faithful few who still read, I ask for your prayers.  I have 2 nieces (Tenaya, just turned 15 on the right and Shaylee turning 13 in Dec.) who are making incredibly bad choices.  This picture is over a year old, they do not look like this today.  Their hearts are becoming hard and their outward appearance reflects that.  My heart aches and breaks and longs to see God "restore what the locusts have eaten".  I don't know what part to play, I don't know how to pray, I don't know how to encourage and love without being harsh and wanting to shake them until they comply.  I want God to do a miracle.  I know He is God no matter what but I want these girls to experience Jesus' abundant life!  I want it NOW not after they have a wake of consequences that they have to wade through. 
  Please pray for whatever the Lord leads on your heart to pray and please don't stop.  I'll post any changes but until then, "don't grow weary in doing good" and pray, pray, pray! Thank you!


Charity Anne said...

I will lift them up in prayer for sure. Unfortunately...I guess...I understand your words all too well. I have two nieces myself (Chloe & Bryanna) who have steadily taken a turn for the worse of the last year or so. It is very scary. As you say I wonder what my role should be in all of this.

I had a Mama of a recent homeschool graduate say something to me last winter...that I didn't really want to hear. She ask me how I received the wisdom I have, how I know my Jesus etc...I had to admit MUCH has come my way through trial. That same mama asked me if I wanted the appreciation I have to manifest in my sons. Um..yeah, obviously!! She said then be ready for them to live through trials to gain strength, assurance & for thought.

Amy said...

Sorry to hear this Cari. Prayers coming your way.

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