Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First Big Snow of the Winter!!!

Jan. 25, we all awoke to find a winter wonderland right outside our doors. In the middle of the night, it decided to dump about 12in. of snow. It was soo fun watching each of the children get up, wipe the sleep from their eyes, look out the window and react.

This was Levi's first time with snow. He wasn't completely thrilled with the cold, white, wet stuff. But despite his protests, Mom had to capture it on film for the scrapbook.

The kids all had a great time sledding down our hill in the back. John's school was canceled due to power outage so he supervised the snow play. At one time, Miriam and Abby came sledding down the hill, Daddy caught Abby but missed Miriam and she went off the edge of our hill. Although frightened, she was unharmed and Daddy found her like a cartoon ( head in the snow, feet kicking in the air) quite comical once we knew she was okay.


Jen said...

Wow - That looks like so much fun. I can't wait to show Erin the pictures. She talks about you guys every day and she is planning a trip to California just as soon as she can save up enough money!!! Keep having fun in that cold weather!

Denise said...

i want snow too, my kids haven't played in the snow yet!
beep, @##@!,beeping @^%$*!! Nova Scotia!
(that was me cursing where i live :-)

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