Friday, April 3, 2009

Five is Alive!!!

That would pretty well sum up the newest 5 yr. old to the family. Mimi turned "5" on Mar. 26. Yeah, I know, I'm a little behind the 8 ball getting it posted.
She knows that her day comes after Levi's so EVERYDAY after his I had to answer, "So, how many more days until my birthday?" Very difficult to explain time to a child who still doesn't quite have the concept. Since we do have 2 birthdays in Mar., there was a lot of celebrating going on.
We tried to get together with family Sunday the 22 but my folks decided against it due to weather. So, at the suggestion of my awesome uncle and aunt, we headed down to Fresno and celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese. (I forgot my camera but hopefully will get picts from my uncle).
Then, her day FINALLY came on Thursday and I crammed it full of fun. First, I took her to Time for Tea, a very Victorian tea house, for the first time. We went to a friend's house where she let the girls ride her horses. After Daddy got home, she opened her presents, ate her special dinner, and had cupcakes and ice cream.
The following Saturday (Mar. 28) we had a small picnic and bike ride at Woodward Park with some dear friends who have adopted my kids for grandkids :D.
Mimi deserved every bit of the fun and attention. She is such a gentle, giving, sweet-spirited little lady. In true "Mimi-fashion" she readily shared her new doll and color wonder pages with Abby and Leapster with Isaac.
She is such a joy and I'm soooo glad I homeschool because I couldn't bear sending that sweet little peanut to public school.


Denise said...

sweet girl. what a fun b-day she had.

Amy said...

I remember my first tea time with you. Happy Birthday Mimi! She is really growing up.

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