Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ski Days!!

I coordinate skiing for a homeschool coop that I'm a part of. My sole purpose for doing this is so that my kids can ski at a discounted price. They are all doing amazingly well. Miriam went on her first lift this last time and she is soooo adorable. Isaac is a little speed demon and you can hear me saying (more than once) "It's not how fast that determines how good a skier you are but how in control!" Abby is awesome and she is gracious enough to let me tag a long with her as she gives me all kinds of encouragement, "Good job Mom, you can do it, try to go a little faster." Yep, thanks Abs for not making me feel like an idiot. I have to take lessons just to try to catch up to them. It is a blast though. Here's little Mimi and Abby on the beginner hill "Turtle"

There Miriam goes with her instructors down Bruin. Her first time on a lift! This is Isaac going under our lift. I didn't get any of him on the bigger hills because I was concentrating soo hard on getting myself down in one piece. :D

Abby, Isaac, and I are on the chairlift to the 2nd hardest hill "Rabbit"

This is what it looks like when you first get going down the hill. :O
Wasn't it a gorgeous day? The resort had gotten snow over the weekend as well as a couple of inches the night before. Hope we have more of those days and I hope I can keep up!


Jen said...

Well - isn't it funny how different our kids lives are because of where they live. We got excited about a little frost that resembled snow the other morning. I can't believe they learn to ski as soon as they learn to walk - when's Levi going to get out there?

Amy said...

Love those Sunglasses! What a great way to spend time together. Maybe next ski season Isaac, Abby, and Mimi can give me a lesson or two.

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